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Construct Demo

My collection of demo projects for Construct 3

JavaScript (Scripts Type: MODULE)

    Name Demo Patreon
7 image YouTube Demo Link
8 image Text Editor Demo Link
9 image Mesh and Shapes Demo Link
10 image Mermaid Demo Link
11 image Milan Districts Demo Link
12 image Menu Demo Link
13 image Menu for Android Demo Link


    Name Demo Patreon
1 image Top Down Shooter: Laser Game Demo  
2 image Wheel of Fortune Demo  
3 image Sandy Road Demo  
4 image Splash Game Demo  
5 image One Color Idle Game Demo  
6 image Follow the player Demo  
7 image Procedural Map Generation Demo  
8 image Predator and Prey Demo  
9 image Pachinko Demo  
10 image Solo Dungeon Bash Demo  
11 image Combine Colors Demo  
12 image Bricks Ball Demo  
13 image Spell Caster Demo  
14 image Fighting Game Demo  
15 image Typo Battle Demo  
16 image GUBIL Demo  
17 image Floating Window Demo Link
18 image Geometric Draw Demo Link
19 image Chaos Game Demo Link
20 image Petits Chevaux Demo Link

User Interface

    Name Demo
1 image Emulated Crop Scale Demo
2 image Grid System for Construct 3 Demo


    Name Demo
1 image How to show random digital number Demo

Mini Template

    Name Demo Patreon
1 image Execute a function from separate event sheet Demo  
2 image Straight Lasso Demo  
3 image Leaflet Demo Link
4 image OpenLayers Demo Link
5 image KeyCode Info Demo  
6 image ISS Tracker Demo Link

Machine Learning

    Name Demo Patreon
1 image Genetic Algorithms: Hello World Demo Link
2 image Genetic Algorithms: Cannon Demo Link

Other projects

  Name Patreon
1 DenoC3Webview2 Deno, C3 & WebView
2 Pomodoro C3 Pomodoro Clock
3 Access C3 MS Access, Electron & Construct 3

JavaScript (classic mode)

    Name Demo
0   Snippets  
1 image How to use JSON in JavaScript Demo
2 image How to use hex color Demo
3 image How to use behavior TileMovement Demo
4 image How to create tooltips Demo
5 image How to dynamically import a module Demo
6 image JsUnit Demo